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Monday, May 6, 2013

Fave Toys .... Magformers/Magna Tiles.

Thought I'd share one of our favorite toys at home. It just happens to be one of the favorites at school, too. We have magna tiles in my classroom at school. The kids LOVE them! I didn't realize the single pack didn't include very many, so I did end up ordering the class size for next year!! 

Then, my daughter loved them so much (and has them at her daycare) that we decided to do that for her birthday!! It's something she has played with about every single day- for the past year+. We are investing in another pack of these, too.. come summertime. ALL we can do to occupy ourselves during the summer months, right!??!?!

Here are the links to the Magna Tiles.

My two little squirts after making the magic ball with their Magformers. :) That's their favorite thing to build.