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Monday, March 25, 2013

Love my Lady


My little goofball came to me yesterday with this cut-out piece of paper. I, obviously, filled it out. It was so sweet. She had just been sent to her room for talking to me using bad words, talking-back, whatever you call it. (So she could "think about it" and "understand what she did and think about how to hand it next time".) A few minutes later she came out with this. It read,  

"Mom    I love you so much
Do you love me to ______________________. Give it back when your dune."

I filled it in with "YES! to the moon and back. infinity.  .... love, Mommy x's & o's"

Villisca Ax Murder House

:O  Villisca Ax Murder House AHHH!!!!!!!!!!  O:

Went on a road trip to KC this past month with my oldest lady. On our way home, I HAD to stop by this place. The Villisca Ax Murder House.

Apparently, in 1912, there were murders that happened in this small town in Villisca, Iowa. 
2 adults..... 6 children.... found murdered in their beds. All before mass murders were really heard of. It really shook this small town of Villisca up! The murder [to this day] has remain UNSOLVED!!!!!.....*dun dun dunnnn*

The house was purchased and returned to its original condition.  It now resembles what it was like at the time of those murders which occurred back in 1912. 

To this day, you can spend the night in this home. They have daily tours for majority of the year. Perhaps someday, I can get a tour (at the least). Why does this stuff interest me?!?!!

Selfies- 2013.

I need a new look. Here are selfless from the past ... since January. HELP!!!!! cut,color?!?!
I'm working on Pinterest for some ideas. I'll get this figured out soon. Keep ya'll posted WHOOP.

So dumb. I wish I knew if/how to keep these private. Sorry for the bore.

Room re-VAMP

SO FUN!!!!!!

SO! Sometimes, you're totally inspired to just re-vamp something. your home, your closet, your menu, whatev!!!! I've been in the mood to re-vamp just about EVERYTHING. Although, it's not really new. I'm always striving to do something more and top what I've already done.
The girls and I are working on home decor, making our house (apartment) more "our own". 

A recent trip to visit a wonderful friend (WHOM I haven't seen in ages) inspired me. She's just so wonderful! And she's gifted in crafting and thrifting. It was lovely. During our trip, she used her handy-dandy cricut machine (WHICH I have a deep yearning for) to make some lovely decals with for the home.

One said the girls' names for their room.

The other I put on my door "hello" and "goodbye".....

ALSO: we got some wire and used that to write "dance your heart out". I then took that home and spray painted it pink to put above their closet door. 

We wanted to put their names on the wall, but it [the wall] was bumpy and the letters didn't stick. So, we just went for the closet door, and it worked wonderful. 

*when you enter the apartment!!!!!*

*when you leave the apartment!*

*i just wanted to share this super cute little flower we made during our crafting night. We fixed this one up a bit, perfected the pattern, and made plenty more of these gems for my girlfriend's wedding. LOVELY*

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky Leprechauns!!!!

Oh, HOW I looooove St. Patrick's Day! :) I do so much!!!! This is what my place looked like last night!!!!
A big ole' crazy mess!!!! Good thing there's some fun going on in there, though!!!

This is what it looked like with MOST of my supplies for all of the activities and exciting fun goodness going on between my home and my classroom. :) 
And, if you know me, and many of you don't---- I like to go ALL out--- so, for the Mama in the family, this was my festive-ness.

'Cause it's.... green?? Right?! ;) RIGHT@! lol. -on the rocks. In a cute tumbler. Not that I'm picky.

*St. Patty's Day BATH!*

I started with a bath for the girls!!! We had those bath tabs from Dollar General. And, no, they don't include green. So we got to talk about how mixing BLUE and YELLOW make green (Thanks to Big Sis for showing Lil' Sis how this worked! And added bubbles!).... we had two of 0-9 written on the clovers that I cut out from foam that I got and cut into shamrocks. 
Miss S was doing bath problems on the side of the tub, and she was also helping little Miss I match her numbers. It was pretty cute. :) And they  bad a BLAST!


Then, I made these cute little baggies of treats for my kiddos today!!! :) 
Got the printable from HERE!!!

I added it to some tagboard and stapled it on regular-sized baggie. :) 

Then, I found THESE super-cute, way-funny little jokes to put into Miss S's SPECIAL St. Patrick's Day lunch today. :) *update: she LOOOVED them!*
Here is a picture of her lunch I put together for her. :) NOT the healthiest lunch EVER- but definitely fun and festive. And sometimes, that's what it takes to get this girl to eat!

*She laughed at the jokes, she liked the necklaces!- she ate her lunch!!!!*

Put these together last night, put green food coloring in the juice (just three did the trick!). And check out what it looked like this morning in Miss Becker's preschool classroom!!!

We spent so much time looking for those leprechaun foot prints! We tried to find him! We kept finding silly things he did throughout the room. We HAD to pick up his SUUUUPER big mess!!!! It was just ridiculous! :) BUT so much fun! The cute part was when some girls got together with white boards and were jotting things down like they were detectives. HAHAHA. I loved it! :) 

We made rainbow necklaces. And, I thought I grabbed my lucky charms from home, but I grabbed the fruit loops box instead (WHY are they both RED?! And WHY didn't I grab BOTH!?) Because I wanted to make really awesome graphs with them! --- MEH! Next Monday! :D

xo- MISS Becker

Friday, March 8, 2013

Seussity Seuss Seuss

I wish I would have taken more pictures from our Seuss week at school! Truth of it is, I missed two of the days. :( BUMMER! But I heard it went well for the sub. Here are some things I did get pictures of! 

Pin the hat on the cat!!! 
Just free-styled this ridiculously ugly picture of the cat in the hat! The good thing is, I teach preschool, and it was INSTANTLY recognized! ;) Thanks little buggers for not making me feel terrible!!! :) And then, I made little hats for each student. They got to decorate their hats by themselves however they wanted (I did supply them with white crayons only) and they put their names on it.  

After we played the game! :) Here it is being displayed in our room. :) Makes me laugh thinking about how much fun this was for the kids. And we got to talk about proximity. "Whose hat is on top of his head, who put it to the left of... to the right of... on his nose... under the T... etc.???"

Someone (ME!) received this awesome gift in the mail to read to my kids!!! :) It was lovely! It was probably their favorite book!

And to make it even more special, I had the kids wear something wacky to school. :) I laugh thinking of the ideas some of them came up with for their hair and attire. :) AND how many kids mismatched their shoes!

Next year, I'm definitely adding to this and putting shoes on the walls and stuff and randomly placing bananas and/or trees wherever possible. It should be WONDERFUL! :D 

Seuss Center day! (All three of the preschool classes take this day to have a day full of activities for our classes to all partake in together.) 
Naturally, it's the best day to bust out my Seuss socks/shirt. :)


Miss B


Have you made oobleck yet?!

You know Dr. Seuss's "Bartholomew and the Oobleck"!??

Here's some oobleck 




It's that stuff that is hard as heck and you can knock on it and it's like a solid, and then when you hold it in your hand, it oozes through your fingers and slimes down and is more liquid.

Way cool stuff!!!

What do you need?!!?

*GREEN* food coloring!

There isn't a set amount of either as far as how to make it. But a good rule of thumb is 
1 cup of corn starch and
1/2 cup H20
I usually add a little more water than that. It's a little more than a 2-1 ratio.
BUT JUST MESS AROUND with it until it's a good consistency. :) AND exactly how you and your munchkins want it!


I did this with the kids at school for the 8th time this week. And I'll be doing it at home with my girls as soon as possible!!! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Look at these lovely "SIGNED" shirts!!! 

AIN'T NOTHIN' like a signed shirt to rev up those memories, eh?!

This shirt is a LOVELY gem that I just uncovered this past weekend after breaking out a dusty, old box from my parents' attic. I had to add it to Facebook and tag all of the people who signed their names on it! (And who I had on Facebook!).


It was one of the toughest moves that I went through as a child. I think it was probably the age. I say that because, I'd moved around growing up (quite a bit) and this was the first one that brought tears to my eyes. 

It was at the end of 6th grade. I moved from New Ulm, Minnesota to Carroll, IA.

The awesome part about this was, not only that I got to reminisce, but it brought me to a friendship that I had been searching for but couldn't locate.

I love Facebook. LOOOOVE it! A part of why, is because of the communication and reconnect of people from the past. Since I DID move around a bit, seeing what my old classmates were up to, and see their families, and being able to talk to them is AWESOME.

Well, after uploading these photos, tagging who I had on Facebook already, I was able to locate someone that I had searched for a few times and came up with empty. :) I was so glad to hear from her again and was so happy for her. :) It was just lovely.

I love it.

Thought I'd share.