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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sorry I've signed off for a while, guys.

I had to charge my computer.


In all honesty, I didn't know how to start this first post after what's probably been months (or perhaps even years). Nothing like some humor to get us started!

I guess there've been quite a few changes since my last post. Since lists always seem to work well for me, I'll go ahead and start with a list.

My oldest is going to be starting middle school this next year.
My youngest is going to be in 2nd grade.
I will be teaching my first year as a 2nd grade teacher, and it will be after a 6-years-long preschool position (which happens to be the ONLY grade I've taught to date).
I now have four nieces and nephews.
I am single as a slice of kraft cheese.
I am going on my second year of teaching kindergarten catechism classes at my church.

I'll go into more detail in all of the above mentioned areas, I'm sure.

BUT right now, I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about this literature class I am taking for my licensure renewal. It's absolutely so much fun. Somewhere between showing up at the class this morning and getting home at 530 or so, I've just been on this huge, nerdy, excited, giddy, reading kick!

We get to read all sorts of books, talk about books, share books, and it's brilliant.

I'm learning new websites, new great reads, new resources. I'm just getting all jazzed about teaching reading next year!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ran A Race

For my birthday, I wanted to share my passion for running with my friends and family. Circumstances happened and it was my family only. Which, just so happens to be some of my best friends!!! 
I ran 7 miles in 7 degree weather in off-road conditions. It was painful (by the end, my knee had bothered me more than ever since high school Varsity soccer- YIKES)!!!! But it was So worth it and I'm going to do it next year (even if I have to do it alone!)

This year, I was accompanied by my little brother (I nicknamed him "Duck Dynasty Waldo"), My little sisters (Mikala and Amy- who are "not so little" any more), my Aunt Mary ( LOVE her!!- Dad's little sister), and my sister's (Amy) boyfriend. 

Really, it was one of the most fun runs. Coming only after my favorite so far, the Dam to Dam. 

Here are some pictures. I told everyone we HAD to have a theme. We agreed with Waldo. 

Top to Bottom: Nathan and Mikala (siblings)
Me (front) Mikala (back)
Nathan and Mikala getting ready
The medal we received (against my Hanson t-shirt) ;)

Like Johnny and June

I'm not exactly sure how long since my last blog; it's been a while.

But, since then, I've done a lot of "things".

I've traveled a few states over with my daughter (my oldest one, not my little one) to visit a friend; I've had a summer off (a teacher's "summer off"); I've fallen in love, and lost that love; I've met AND INTERVIEWED my favorite band of all time; I've become a Scentsy consultant; I've started taking photos for other people *family/children photos*; I've celebrated holidays (and other special days); there have been projects; there have been trials and tribulations; I've seem some movies; I've read some books; my friends are FINALLY having children. Life has happened since my last blog.

As many know, I'm like so many others out there...... and unlike so many others.

I teach in a small-town that I did not grow up in. I moved at my first "gig" (teaching preschool). It was during my divorce from my husband (a few years ago).

I'm not even sure where to begin, but I wanted to start somewhere. That's why I started with this entry. An attempt at wrapping up, in a nutshell, what's happened since "last time".

It began with a series of songs on my iPod tonight. It's not that I haven't wanted to blog. I have. I get on here plenty and start an entry only to delete it. I want to post what I wear for "teaching fashion tips" or "what did Ashley wear today??!?"... a record to myself and my children what is going on with us. I've wanted to save ideas and share them. I've wanted to ask for advice and plea for help. But I haven't. This past year, I've grown more in touch with myself than ever before. I have gotten to know more about who I am as a whole than I ever have in my life.

I know that I've done a lot of things and been through a lot of things, but..... I feel I was wrong in how I went about doing them.

I thought I needed time "to be just me... alone... with my girls" to find out who "i really am" and to "find my calling", so to say. But I think I was wrong.

I think I found myself most when I had a purpose. I'll be honest, I learned most about my true character and my true colors and wants and needs and capabilities and skills when I was in my last relationship. I was finally not "running" from my past. I wasn't on some search to find what I needed from God.... I was simply "being.

I was being.

I was putting my total faith in God. I was trying my hardest as a parent. I was being tested as an educator during those times more than ever before. I was happy. I was someone who was constantly trying to be there for others. And, I think that's when we're at our best. When we're being selfless. When we finally realize that we shouldn't be searching for ourselves somewhere else, through reflection and everything else. That...... it is through life, even though crazy, that we find who we really are.

I didn't get to be in that relationship for long. But, in that relationship, I realized who I was as a person more than I ever had before. I am forever grateful for that.

I probably won't talk about it much, but I will talk about all of the fun things I've been doing other than that!!!! :D:D

Like, our "beach days', our "Montana Road Trip", my students in the classroom, my family stories, our holiday happenings, and my silly ole' moments. That's what I do best. Just simple updating so I can keep track of it!!!!!

By the way,
I also have two new additions to the family!!! Two wonderful hedgehogs. Zahra and Fluffy. They are absolutely amazing and I love them to pieces. The girls adore them. If you are looking for a pet but don't know what you should get, consider welcoming a hedgehog into your family.!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Justin Adams

It's been a while! I'll catch ya'll up soon with more goings on in my life after a quick hype-talk about this AMAZING new country singer. His songs just got up on iTunes today! I can't stop listening to it! And I'm just still shocked at how much I love all of these songs, I had to share it with whoever would read/listen to me. 

His voice is amazing. And the songs are great and relatable. It's both up-tempo and some slower ones. I enjoy it. :) GET IT!!!! Promise, if you're a country person, you'll LOVE this!!!!!! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fave Toys .... Magformers/Magna Tiles.

Thought I'd share one of our favorite toys at home. It just happens to be one of the favorites at school, too. We have magna tiles in my classroom at school. The kids LOVE them! I didn't realize the single pack didn't include very many, so I did end up ordering the class size for next year!! 

Then, my daughter loved them so much (and has them at her daycare) that we decided to do that for her birthday!! It's something she has played with about every single day- for the past year+. We are investing in another pack of these, too.. come summertime. ALL we can do to occupy ourselves during the summer months, right!??!?!

Here are the links to the Magna Tiles.

My two little squirts after making the magic ball with their Magformers. :) That's their favorite thing to build. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter Matching

Here is a letter matching activity we did in the classroom last week in my 3 year-old classes. It was great  for letter recognition and matching. :) 
They did wonderful!-- and it was a great way to assess them, too. Another idea I had for my older kids was to match upper and lower case letters. Maybe do numbers to dots, etc. The ways you can tweak this to fit into what you need are almost endless!!! Shapes, colors (use other, non-neon, dots), tallies, sight words...... MEH!! :D use your imagination.


P.s. I did raindrops no blue paper to match our "weather" unit. You can really do whatever you want!!! :) I also made umbrellas. :) Switching it up would be a way to bring your theme into your curriculum. 


Aren't puppies just the cutest things in the world???? :D:D:D
Our family dog (My Mom and Dad's) had puppies this weekend. ELEVEN of the little cutie patties! Here is a picture of the pile of them and mom trying to keep them all in order and they're just climbing on each other, etc.

There's a cute little picture of them squirming around in a pile with each other. :) Mama (Lucy) is out having some time outside for a couple of minutes.

Mama resting with her little puppies. :)

I just love them. So do the kids. :) It was ADORABLE!!!! :) She's still a little 'protective' at this point, so it was quick when we got chances to hold them (if, at all). Lucy wasn't all about sharing her babies quite yet. :) But she was very sweet to her visitors, and she's such a good mommy.

The top one is a little fuzzy, but it's hard to get both a puppy and a 7 year-old to stay still for a photo pop!!! :D