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Monday, April 15, 2013


Aren't puppies just the cutest things in the world???? :D:D:D
Our family dog (My Mom and Dad's) had puppies this weekend. ELEVEN of the little cutie patties! Here is a picture of the pile of them and mom trying to keep them all in order and they're just climbing on each other, etc.

There's a cute little picture of them squirming around in a pile with each other. :) Mama (Lucy) is out having some time outside for a couple of minutes.

Mama resting with her little puppies. :)

I just love them. So do the kids. :) It was ADORABLE!!!! :) She's still a little 'protective' at this point, so it was quick when we got chances to hold them (if, at all). Lucy wasn't all about sharing her babies quite yet. :) But she was very sweet to her visitors, and she's such a good mommy.

The top one is a little fuzzy, but it's hard to get both a puppy and a 7 year-old to stay still for a photo pop!!! :D


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