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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ran A Race

For my birthday, I wanted to share my passion for running with my friends and family. Circumstances happened and it was my family only. Which, just so happens to be some of my best friends!!! 
I ran 7 miles in 7 degree weather in off-road conditions. It was painful (by the end, my knee had bothered me more than ever since high school Varsity soccer- YIKES)!!!! But it was So worth it and I'm going to do it next year (even if I have to do it alone!)

This year, I was accompanied by my little brother (I nicknamed him "Duck Dynasty Waldo"), My little sisters (Mikala and Amy- who are "not so little" any more), my Aunt Mary ( LOVE her!!- Dad's little sister), and my sister's (Amy) boyfriend. 

Really, it was one of the most fun runs. Coming only after my favorite so far, the Dam to Dam. 

Here are some pictures. I told everyone we HAD to have a theme. We agreed with Waldo. 

Top to Bottom: Nathan and Mikala (siblings)
Me (front) Mikala (back)
Nathan and Mikala getting ready
The medal we received (against my Hanson t-shirt) ;)