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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky Leprechauns!!!!

Oh, HOW I looooove St. Patrick's Day! :) I do so much!!!! This is what my place looked like last night!!!!
A big ole' crazy mess!!!! Good thing there's some fun going on in there, though!!!

This is what it looked like with MOST of my supplies for all of the activities and exciting fun goodness going on between my home and my classroom. :) 
And, if you know me, and many of you don't---- I like to go ALL out--- so, for the Mama in the family, this was my festive-ness.

'Cause it's.... green?? Right?! ;) RIGHT@! lol. -on the rocks. In a cute tumbler. Not that I'm picky.

*St. Patty's Day BATH!*

I started with a bath for the girls!!! We had those bath tabs from Dollar General. And, no, they don't include green. So we got to talk about how mixing BLUE and YELLOW make green (Thanks to Big Sis for showing Lil' Sis how this worked! And added bubbles!).... we had two of 0-9 written on the clovers that I cut out from foam that I got and cut into shamrocks. 
Miss S was doing bath problems on the side of the tub, and she was also helping little Miss I match her numbers. It was pretty cute. :) And they  bad a BLAST!


Then, I made these cute little baggies of treats for my kiddos today!!! :) 
Got the printable from HERE!!!

I added it to some tagboard and stapled it on regular-sized baggie. :) 

Then, I found THESE super-cute, way-funny little jokes to put into Miss S's SPECIAL St. Patrick's Day lunch today. :) *update: she LOOOVED them!*
Here is a picture of her lunch I put together for her. :) NOT the healthiest lunch EVER- but definitely fun and festive. And sometimes, that's what it takes to get this girl to eat!

*She laughed at the jokes, she liked the necklaces!- she ate her lunch!!!!*

Put these together last night, put green food coloring in the juice (just three did the trick!). And check out what it looked like this morning in Miss Becker's preschool classroom!!!

We spent so much time looking for those leprechaun foot prints! We tried to find him! We kept finding silly things he did throughout the room. We HAD to pick up his SUUUUPER big mess!!!! It was just ridiculous! :) BUT so much fun! The cute part was when some girls got together with white boards and were jotting things down like they were detectives. HAHAHA. I loved it! :) 

We made rainbow necklaces. And, I thought I grabbed my lucky charms from home, but I grabbed the fruit loops box instead (WHY are they both RED?! And WHY didn't I grab BOTH!?) Because I wanted to make really awesome graphs with them! --- MEH! Next Monday! :D

xo- MISS Becker

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