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Friday, March 8, 2013


Have you made oobleck yet?!

You know Dr. Seuss's "Bartholomew and the Oobleck"!??

Here's some oobleck 




It's that stuff that is hard as heck and you can knock on it and it's like a solid, and then when you hold it in your hand, it oozes through your fingers and slimes down and is more liquid.

Way cool stuff!!!

What do you need?!!?

*GREEN* food coloring!

There isn't a set amount of either as far as how to make it. But a good rule of thumb is 
1 cup of corn starch and
1/2 cup H20
I usually add a little more water than that. It's a little more than a 2-1 ratio.
BUT JUST MESS AROUND with it until it's a good consistency. :) AND exactly how you and your munchkins want it!


I did this with the kids at school for the 8th time this week. And I'll be doing it at home with my girls as soon as possible!!! 

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