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Monday, March 25, 2013

Room re-VAMP

SO FUN!!!!!!

SO! Sometimes, you're totally inspired to just re-vamp something. your home, your closet, your menu, whatev!!!! I've been in the mood to re-vamp just about EVERYTHING. Although, it's not really new. I'm always striving to do something more and top what I've already done.
The girls and I are working on home decor, making our house (apartment) more "our own". 

A recent trip to visit a wonderful friend (WHOM I haven't seen in ages) inspired me. She's just so wonderful! And she's gifted in crafting and thrifting. It was lovely. During our trip, she used her handy-dandy cricut machine (WHICH I have a deep yearning for) to make some lovely decals with for the home.

One said the girls' names for their room.

The other I put on my door "hello" and "goodbye".....

ALSO: we got some wire and used that to write "dance your heart out". I then took that home and spray painted it pink to put above their closet door. 

We wanted to put their names on the wall, but it [the wall] was bumpy and the letters didn't stick. So, we just went for the closet door, and it worked wonderful. 

*when you enter the apartment!!!!!*

*when you leave the apartment!*

*i just wanted to share this super cute little flower we made during our crafting night. We fixed this one up a bit, perfected the pattern, and made plenty more of these gems for my girlfriend's wedding. LOVELY*

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