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Friday, March 8, 2013

Seussity Seuss Seuss

I wish I would have taken more pictures from our Seuss week at school! Truth of it is, I missed two of the days. :( BUMMER! But I heard it went well for the sub. Here are some things I did get pictures of! 

Pin the hat on the cat!!! 
Just free-styled this ridiculously ugly picture of the cat in the hat! The good thing is, I teach preschool, and it was INSTANTLY recognized! ;) Thanks little buggers for not making me feel terrible!!! :) And then, I made little hats for each student. They got to decorate their hats by themselves however they wanted (I did supply them with white crayons only) and they put their names on it.  

After we played the game! :) Here it is being displayed in our room. :) Makes me laugh thinking about how much fun this was for the kids. And we got to talk about proximity. "Whose hat is on top of his head, who put it to the left of... to the right of... on his nose... under the T... etc.???"

Someone (ME!) received this awesome gift in the mail to read to my kids!!! :) It was lovely! It was probably their favorite book!

And to make it even more special, I had the kids wear something wacky to school. :) I laugh thinking of the ideas some of them came up with for their hair and attire. :) AND how many kids mismatched their shoes!

Next year, I'm definitely adding to this and putting shoes on the walls and stuff and randomly placing bananas and/or trees wherever possible. It should be WONDERFUL! :D 

Seuss Center day! (All three of the preschool classes take this day to have a day full of activities for our classes to all partake in together.) 
Naturally, it's the best day to bust out my Seuss socks/shirt. :)


Miss B

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