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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A goal of mine

When the calendar switched from 2012 to 2013, I knew some changes had to be made in my lifestyle. I'm a fan of setting goals and achieving those goals. And those goals should always be fairly high, even if you don't think they're attainable. It is in making these goals that we really truly redefine ourselves, and prove to even our own self doubt that we can overcome obstacles if we make the true effort to do so. 

I wanted to write "lose weight" on my New Year's resolution list. But, that quickly got scratched out. I realized it wasn't about losing weight anymore. Of course, I want to look hot in a bikini (jk, I don't wear bikinis....but if I did I'd like to look amazing in it, right?!). And I want to have toned muscles and low body fat. Who wouldn't?!?! It'd be amazing to order something online and put it on to have it look like the model that showed it off in the little box! However, when thinking about it.... really, I just wanted to feel good about who I am. Not only does working out and being physically active help in looking good, it also helps the self esteem, right?! You look in the mirror and step on that scale and see that your hard work pays off. You actually SEE something you achieve. On top of that even, MORE!!!! are to end all of my petty, little excuses.

 "I don't have a babysitter." "I work full-time, keep my kids at a sitter, I am not going to waste another hour or two away from them! I want to be with them!" or "It's too much time... I have work, and I have homework, and I have kids, and I have cleaning, and I have cooking, and organizing, and.... *insert number of excuses here*. " "It's too hard, I can't do it."

So, what did I do?! I first cleaned out my refrigerator! I call it a "kitchen detox". If you don't have those chocolate kisses, and those quick snacks available for grabbing, you can't do it. Once the cupboards and the fridge/freezer are cleaned of the clutter, you go to the grocery store. (BUT not hungry... ;)) And you fill it with fresh produce, whole grain foods, foods that have good nutrients. Of course, you need to put some "goodies" in there, but try pretzels instead of potato chips... ;) Stuff like that!!

She's so bare!!! And, I found my almond butter. AND flax seed. ;) Felt so good to be reunited!

It sure beats the hot dogs, and junk food we had in there....

Then, put the kids to bed early. Set a strict bedtime. Make sure the last bit is spent with the kids. Playing in the bath, reading some stories, watching a favorite t.v. show and laughing, coloring in a coloring book, or practicing flash cards or spelling words. Playing a favorite family game. Whatever it is that you do for a bedtime routine. Then put them down. 

There are hundreds of wonderful workout videos out there. Some of my favorite are Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, and Skinny B*itch (Pardon for this being on my top faves, But I was drawn to their laid-back personality and it almost made me feel as though I was visiting/listening to some friends when my friends are so far away in miles). I even have some of the Insanity DVD workouts. My favorite would probably be Insanity or Bob Harper! Their personalities are enough to make me want to go, and motivate me, but not feel put down or like I'm really slacking :D. And I like that!!!

Or, I've been pinning a lot of wonderful workouts that are all over the internet. It's beautiful!! 

A number of great workouts to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. 
OR this one!

Or many others out there!

There are other options. See how many sit-ups you can do in a day, and try to beat it by 20 the next day. Or push-ups or jumping jacks. Or, the other night, I real laps around my apartment for 25 minutes. I run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes, take a one minute break, and go at it for another 5, take a break, etc. 

I'm pretty stoked about this goal I've set and pretty soon, I'm hoping it'll be a goal that doesn't seem so unattainable. 

It feels great to drink my refreshing water, eat my healthy foods, and to sweat through my clothes from working out!!!

So, here's to saying goodbye to excuses, and hello to "anything is possible".!

Questions for Discussion!!!!

What are your favorite healthy foods?? 
What do you do to stay  motivated throughout the year???
Do you have any favorite workouts that you can do from your home or with your kids??? (In the winter?!)

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