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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Art Activity

Let's face it, sometimes you just want to occupy your kids. ;) ..right??

Sometimes, you just wish you could find the "perfect" activity to last them forEVER without you needing to help them too much and relax. Because..... we all have busy..BUSY days! I've been there, I've done that. :) 

So, after one of those "no-sleep nights", a 9-10 hour day of work, dance classes after that, and dinner to prepare---- it makes a lady pretty exhausted!!!! (and the single mama's like me, it can be a little more crazy!!!-- where's that guy to just help a LITTLE, right???)  

But you don't want to sit there on the couch and tell your kids to just leave you alone and don't bother you at all. After all, they're your babies, you love them!!! You want to cherish every little moment, right?!?!

My two ladies!

Let me tell you about one of my favorite, inexpensive, super awesome nights that I LOVE to do and that the kids LOVE to do as well and it even lets me put my patootie on the couch (or floor) (or chair) for just a little while, while we ALL have fun together!

ARTS AND FARTS night. (Arts and crafts- but when I went to a summer camp as a child, they called it "arts and farts" and the name has stuck with me ever since then!)

I went to the dollar store on my lunch break. (Dollar General, in my case..... I'm in a super small midwest town, and that's one of the three "stores" or so available in my town. :)) I loaded up on some cheap $1-$3.00 craft supplies. And I went with "Valentine's Day" since it's coming up!!!! **AND I'm a holiday junkie!!!!!!**

On our little table in the living room, I set out the following items that I found.

*pink and white heart doilies
*pink, white, purple construction paper
*pom poms
*stickers (foam stickers and little Valentine's Character stickers
*pipe cleaners
*colored pencils

*foamy stickers*



We had a free-for-all.....

It was so much fun!!!!!

We colored,    
we wrote words, 
we made bead bracelets and keychains,
We made sticker art,
we were creative, 
we were artistic,
we laughed,
we talked,
we reviewed colors,
we talked about shapes,
we bonded,
we had a GREAT TIME.

*Little Miss I working on her "MASTERPIECE"... and taking the back off of a foam sticker*

*She's putting the sticker on her paper right here*

*Little Miss S doing polka-dot lettering on her artwork*

*putting beads on a pipe cleaner to make a keychain for her babysitter*

*She's making a bracelet for her "bff" she says.. :)*

*working so hard on getting the back off of a foam sticker*

*She's so happy she found a big, green bear to put on her keychain*

*a collection of our keychains, bracelets, etc.*

The best part....... this occupied my two ladies for over an hour!!!!!!!! I had a great time, they did. We had time talking about our days and we even listened to PANDORA. (we have an obsession with pandora, because we get to listen to all of our favorites and even find new ones!)


Well, I hope this inspired you to just remember that sometimes simpler is better. :) 

Au Revoir!!!!


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