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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've seen this a lot around the internet (pinterest, blogs, googling random things, whatevs...) And today finally presented itself as the perfect time to make it!!!! I was so excited!!! 
Yesterday, I wasn't looking too forward to taking a personal day to stay home with my daughter but it's what it came down to. And because I was staying home with her, another little guy that goes to the same daycare came over to my place and it has been so much fun!!! 

They played with magnaformers, put some puzzles together, read some books, played some memory games, and many other things. Then, it came time to chill out a little (because these two bicker like an old married couple) and they wanted to put in Rango. We wanted to put in a bag of popcorn, but my Little Miss S must have brought the last bag to school with her and forgot to tell me (AND left the empty box in the cupboard). SO--- with our hearts set on POPCORN... here's what we did.

  • We got two paper bags
  • 1/3 cup of popping corn (each bag)
  • Spray butter (for Miss I)
  • M&M's (for both kiddos!)

*Two of our only paper bags in the house, happened to be Toy Story bags!*

*Miss I doing a goofy pose for the camera before putting her popcorn in her bag.*
(1/3 cup of popping corn)

*Fold bag over twice before placing in the microwave.*

Then, they went into the living room, set up their blankets and pillows, and put the movie on. I put each bag into the microwave (separately) for 2 minutes. That's about the time they popped all the way through the bag. Which is why I ended up putting each of their popcorn into a big popcorn bowl to share. I think we had some cheap bags. ;) BUT maybe that happens to regular ole' brown bags, too. Who knows!

We had to add our M&M's, naturally.

In our awesome POPCORN bowl I got from my Grandma and Grandpa. :) I love it. So do the girls.

Miss I and Mr. E enjoying their popcorn together!!! :)

What a lovely idea for a yucky day at home!!!!!!!!!!

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