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Sunday, February 3, 2013

This MAMA got to spoil herself a little. Here's me the morning of Friday, February 1st. NOTE: The length of hair. :) 

Time to go get my first "real" haircut in 2-3 years. I'll admit it..... I cut my OWN hair. MY OWN HAIR! Yikes! I gave myself my own bangs, I cut my own hair all around. I gave myself any layers. And I am putting that all to rest. ForEVER. 


I forgot how WoNDERFUL it is to just go in and pamper myself  a little. I know it might not be considered "pampering" to many. But it totally is to me! I'm not one to generally get sitters, and I'm terrible at making appointments (for ANYthing). I just figured I'd do it myself as long as I can. :D ---WRONG. :D


I loved it. I loved the hair cut. I loved the interaction. I loved the shampoo. I loved the "temple massage" and the smell of that stuff. I also loved the smell of the salon, in general. I loved it all. :) I even went and got myself a little bag of "product".... 

*my cute, little bag*

*Probably can't tell... BUT my new, shorter hair!* whoop!!!

:) love it.

going back soon!

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