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Monday, February 18, 2013

Homemade BROWN Sugar Scrub

Well, like I said, I've got some posts to catch up on. 
My main reason in doing a blog is for myself. So I can remember what I do, how I do it. So I can always have documentation of the wonderful things I do with my family and my friends. I hope this is something the girls and I will have to always remember what we've done. And, I hope it never happens, but if something "happens" to me, they'll have something that I wrote. Something that showed them who their Mama was and also for me to look back on as they grow older!!!!! :D I suppose that's why I also update my Twitter account and Facebook page with what we do almost daily. Pictures, etc. 

ANYWAY. I did receive for Christmas (from my Mom) a container of sugar scrub that SHE made. Now, my Mom is pretty amazing but it wasn't something I'd expect her to make. I was thoroughly impressed. Also, I used it and I really enjoyed it. So, I thought I'd make some myself someday. 

It just so happens that last spring sometime (no joke, that long ago!) I purchased a box of jars w/lids. I knew they'd be perfect for SOMETHING. And there are many things I have planned for this box of jars. In fact, I whipped one out tonight to put my brown sugar scrub in. Not only was it cute, and functional, it was the PERFECT size!!!!! ;) 

Here's my FINISHED product.

  • RECIPE for [Coconut] Brown Sugar Scrub

  • 1C Brown Sugar
  • 1/3 cup olive oil (I used extra virgin olive oil)
  • 2 tbsp honey 
  • *splash of your choice "flavour" -I used coconut (it's what I had) extract

*brown suga ;)  --plus

*olive oil  +

*this little man
(+*coconut --- or any other "flavour" or NO flavour whichever)

+ put into a little jar of some sort, such as this! one

= wonderful scrub for your personal use or a cute, little gift for someone else! :)

*My not-so-awesome skills to make it "pretty"

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