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Monday, February 18, 2013

Deviled Eggs?

I've been inspired to start cooking and baking more. I used to LOVE doing it. But, for most people now a days in this crazy, busy, hustle-bustle, sort of life...... it's HARD!!! And, I don't have someone at home to help me take these kids or occupy them while I do things. SO, even when I do try to do something that I think is "simple" I've got one or two kids either bickering or hanging on my leg or whatever!! Anyway, so I've decided to start ignoring those little hoodlums (jk, they "help" me or I find something AWESOME to occupy them, like a good book or a simple activity). Today, I dabbled in something I've always wanted to make.


See, my oldest Little Miss S, asked that I make some hard-boiled eggs (Robin's Eggs? She called them, until I corrected her ever so sweetly, and explained robins eggs are the little, blue eggs that robins lay in their nests..... these are, in fact, called "hard boiled eggs" because you boil them, and they get hard?)

So, I decided I'd take a stab at making some deviled eggs. I love them, never made them.

I pinterested some recipes. All are different, too. I don't get it. How can one thing have SOOOOO many recipes??!?!?

So, I gathered these ingredients (a combination of what I had seen in the posts- because, apparently, I can't stick with JUST one recipe). 

  • salt
  • pepper
  • yellow mustard
  • honey (my Grandpa's very own from his bees, at that!)
  • and balsamic vinegar (??? IDK what it is and how I had some!!! bahaha)

I only did two eggs (and only took pics of one of them, after I scarfed the first one down). 

I just eye-balled it. I wish I could say that I very accurately measured everything out and could share the delish recipe. BUT I can't. SO there's a pic....

-up close

AND that's that! I got started. I did more, too! But I'll write about that later. :)


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