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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bathtime FUN!!!!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I don't know what made me love holidays so much. My favorite holiday???? I think I told my class this last Thursday/Friday. I love all holidays that end in "day". I got a few blank stares from little 4 and 5 year-olds. I explained.... "I like Valentine's DAY, Groundhog DAY, St. Patrick's DAY, Christmas DAY,  Easter DAY, President's DAY, and.... most of all... my birthDAY!!!" :) 

It's the truth, too.

I'm all about holidays. And this weekend, the subject came up again. I was in the kitchen with my Mom and I said "...because it's Valentine's WEEK!!!" She gave me a strange look. I'm not sure where I got my excitement for holidays, because it's APPARENTLY not from her. ;) She thought I was crazy. Or so said the look she gave me. 

But it's the truth! This girl LOVES her holidays. Any excuse to celebrate. And, if there's not a holiday, I'm just celebrating life with whatever I can find. No reason for being a stick-in-the-mud.

One thing that I found is really fun is making simple every-day tasks and activities exciting. Such as: BATHTIME. 

My youngest was the hardest to get into that bathtub. She would put up a FIGHT every.single.time. So, I saw on Pinterest, somewhere, all these bath activities. It worked, too! She didn't fight to go in!--- in FACT, she fought when it was time to get out. ;)And from there, I just continue to do all these spin-offs. 

We have "themed" baths from time-to-time.

  • "Art Bath"
  • "Princess Bath"
  • "Math Bath"
  • "Alphabet Bath"
  • "Dinosaur Bath"
  • "Cars Bath"
  • "Paint Bath"
  • "Fluffy Bath"
  • "Christmas Bath"
  • ...etc.

And last week, we made a "Valentine's Bath".

*Little Miss I and her heart!!!*

*Playing and moving around and organizing her little hearts*

*Swishing the bubbles around!!!!*

*"PURPLE heart!!!" she says*
*Little cheesy grin and her alfalfa shampoo hair!*

I made little foam hearts, which are self explanatory. I bought some foam pieces from the store, cut them in heart shapes, and they're wonderful. They stick to the walls of the bath, they float around the top of the water, and we even wrote words on them like "Isla", "Sienna", "Mom", "Love", "Heart", etc. You can do whatever you'd like! You could write site words, numbers, shapes, letters, whatever.... and make it a little "mini lesson" in the tub. We didn't do that with this one, we just used those love-y dove-y words. :)

One time, I put a pink color tab in the water. One time, we put suds in the water. And who knows what'll be next. :) 

But it sure is fun!!!!


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