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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mom Shame of MY OWN!!!!

SO.... I just read this blog post about a bunch of Mom's "mom shaming" and writing down their "secrets" lol. It cracked me up!!!!! And, I was right in the middle of my VERY OWN "mom shame". So, I did one myself. :) 


Moms out there----- 
Let's hear your "Mom Shames". :P

In my defense, (is that OK to do???)--- We made Valentine's Today, baked brownies, played babies, watched "tangled", went to the grocery store, made dinner together, played Candyland- twice, Played a new "math" game (WHICH I will share later!), read stories, made and played in a tent (Which broke, at least 3 times, and we had to re-build), they did my hair FOR A LOOOOONG (and painful) half hour or more, etc. etc. etc.... I was SPENT!!!!

:) Well, LATER


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