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Monday, November 26, 2012

Advent Idea!-- BOOKS

Advent Idea

I mentioned before how I love love love holidays. Another favorite of mine is Christmas. Because.... well, why wouldn't it be?!!? So much warm fuzzes are found throughout the Christmas season. I've got a few ideas for this time of year. Some are carefully thought out for a l-o-n-g time, and some are spur-of-the-moment. All are a part of the true meaning of Christmas. Time spent together with the ones you love. Remembering the reason for the season is not in the fancy packages or getting/receiving. 

I came across an idea earlier on in the year (from pinterest) that I knew would be something I'd want to do for my girls.
One thing we do a lot in my house is read stories. I love reading with my girls and books are a huge part of our every-day lives. 

My job is teaching preschool. I am a scholastic book teacher, too. Therefore, I have access to amazing deals right at my fingertips. But I still knew money was a little tight and that I didn't want to spend a TON of it to do this project. Thank God for the fact that I had such great access to these books.

(p.s. any family/friends that want to order through me, let me know and I'll get ya hooked up! ;)) 

The idea was: 
Collect 25 books.
During the month of december, your family opens on book per night.
Every night until Christmas, there's a new story for your family to enjoy.

I went a step further and got strictly Christmas books.

I did not order them all from Scholastic. Because, even though this is a great money-saver..... I am a Barnes and Noble addict. So, there'd be no way (at all) of keeping me out of that store if I was planning such a wonderful activity that involved BOOKS.

I started collecting in August/September. Every time I went to Barnes and Noble, Every time I placed orders for my class, Every time there was a Books Are Fun sale at school.... I was ordering a couple/buying a couple books for our collection.

Some of the books I collected.
I added a few more books about the Nativity and the story of Jesus.

Stacked books, right after wrapping.

Books spread out.

Books under the tree, waiting to be opened

I put the books under the tree tonight! The girls were very excited to see their advent activity! :) We will begin to open on December 1st. 

I can't wait. We don't have very many Christmas books right now in our home, so this collection will continue to bring us joy every year. I know of some books they will be thrilled to read, and I know of some illustrations that I can't wait to be looking at!!

Merry Christmas Season, everybody! :)

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