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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sight Word Practice/game

Sight Word Practice.

Somewhere on Pinterest, I had seen somebody use sight words in cupcake liners which I thought was a faBULOUS idea! However, it was getting close to bed time. I didn't have time to put them in sentences, and we were just doing it at home so my daughter could get some practice in! 
So, we wrote out her words on the cupcake liners, skipped putting them into the cupcake pan, and just worked with this. It was a couple of days before Halloween so we had PLENTY of those little pumpkin candies floating around... ;) I decided that we would make our own game up with this.

First, I would say a word. Then, Miss S would find the word and put a pumpkin in it. After she found the first word, I'd move onto the next. Soon, Miss S had covered all of her words with a pumpkin. 
Then, we switched roles. Miss S would have to read the word, and I would cover it up. This way she was both recognizing it visually and then she also had to go back and read it to me. 

Soon, Miss I wanted in on the game. I knew it wouldn't be long before we had some extra help in this game!!! So, We all took turns reading and covering with pumpkins. *Little squirt is only 3 years-old, so she was on "mommy's team" and we worked as a pair*. 

Note: Her word list was longer than the 12 words we had set out, so when we were done with 12 words, I would keep the more difficult words on our "game board" to make sure she would get more practice with those. 


Note also: we used pumpkins this time, but you could use candy corn, small rocks, poker chips, pom poms, or any other small item you can find!!! It really is a fun game, and gave her lots of practice. It was quick and simple. But very helpful. 

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