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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back into it.

I have had a thought on my mind for quite some time now. Actually a few thoughts, but all are related to one topic. The topic: dating. 
I have been divorced "officially" for a year now. We have been separated for two years. Which is longer than we were together, so I'd say I'm pretty much on the "ok" to date now. I'd say that I've had enough time to be upset about it, to be sad about it, question it, whatever else you need to do to get over a broken marriage. 
I have dated a couple of people that were sort of more serious than a couple of dates. But, I know I wasn't ready for it. I know it probably wasn't right for the girls. But now that I feel the time is right, I'm a little nervous. 
Isn't that crazy?! I should want to at this point, but I'm nervous to step into it again. 
Well, what are any pointers out there or experiences you've had with young children and stepping back into those "dating waters" again? Either yourself or friends/family of yours. 
Au Revoir,

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