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Friday, November 2, 2012

Art Board for the Classroom

Here is a photo of the bulletin board in my classroom right by our art center. I love this art board. I'm sitting at my desk right now during a teacher work day. I'm at one of those times of the day where I have done most of my "to do" list, and my  mind is just a little frazzled. I'm taking a moment to listen to my pandora radio and regroup. Looking up, I see this board, with a wonderful Picasso quote to enforce that yes, "every child is an artist". 

Even my daughter has a couple art pieces up there that she adds when she comes to my classroom after school.

I love sharing art in the home and at school. What are some ways that you show off your little one's art either at home or in the classroom?? 

Please, do share! We would love to see all of your ideas.

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