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Monday, November 5, 2012

List ONE: Travel to

Here is an ongoing list of places that this girl (ME!) would love to travel to before it is too late. I'm a huge list-maker. Which would surprise a number of people I'm sure (mostly my mother and probably a few others who think I'm a very big scatter-brain..... which I'm neither agreeing with NOR denying). 
But I do enjoy my sticky note lists, my lists on my palm, the ones on my phone, and wherever else I have a place for a list. The problem with my lists is they usually get lost shortly after being compiled. THEREFOR, losing their purpose. :/ 

The good thing about this list is it'll be saved right here. And I can add to it whenever I feel the need. :) And if you have any wonderful suggestions, please, DO TELL!!!

Ready, Set, GO!

Ashley's List of Places She Wants To Go/ See/ Visit AND The Reasons WHY!

1. Japan - From a young age, I have had a love for Asia. Asian food, Asian decor, Asian fashion, just.... Asian culture, as a whole. I took a class in college called "Japan" and therein lies my want/desire to visit this fascinating, beautiful, country rich in EVERYTHING I find attractive!!!!

2. Ireland- DUH. Do I really need to explain this? Can you say BEAUTIFUL?!?! And Irish accents?! and... red hair... and leprechauns.. St. Patrick. Sheep. The amazing history of this country. It all is so appealing to this girl right here.

3. Egypt - Something about those wonderful ancient tombs. The pyramids, the sphinx. I want to see the desert and the everything. It's full of history. (Are you beginning to see that I'm sort of in love with places with a rich history?!?!) I remember reading about this place in my little weekly readers in elementary school. Reading about King Tutankhamun.... etc. See a camel not at the zoo, and ride on it. People, can it get any greater than that?!?!

4. Disney World - Isn't it every little girls' dream to go to Disney World?? Well, I had that dream and I have never been there to this day. I'm a young ALMOST 27 years old and I want to see the Princesses, go on the rides, see Mickey and Minnie, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, etc. I want to experience all that is Disney and get the autographs to go with it. See a show, do it all. Sounds like such a magical time, and I want to do it now! :D 

t.b.c. 'cause you know there's A LOT more!!!!!

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