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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Miss Becker's Preschoolers Voted!!! Have You?!?


Today is a pretty BIG day here for our country. Adults in our country are voting from coast to coast! But what about our little squirts! Do they  know what is going on? Do they know the presidential candidates?  What IS our country? Where do we live? How do you vote? Who gets to vote? What does a president do??? Who was the VERY first president of the United States?

So many questions! Such little kids. :) So, why not educate them as soon as you can! Today in my 4 year-old preschool class we got our "ELECTION ON"!! We talked about the two presidential candidates, what they are running for, and why it is important to vote.

The first thing we voted on though, just to practice, was which book to read today! We haven't voted yet in our classroom so I needed to make it clear that you get to chose one book. You get one vote. You stick with your one vote, and the book with the most votes is the BOOK WE GET TO READ!!!! Sounds fun, right?! It sure was!

THEN, we got to vote for the "REAL THING". 
Presidential CANDIDATES.
Will it be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?? 
Barack Obama has been our president the past four years. He gets to run again to be the president.
Mitt Romney wants to be president, too.
We need to vote who we think will make the best decisions for everybody that lives in The United States of America. We need to be good citizens. We need to practice our rights.

Each student wrote their own name (because we also need to practice writing our  names, right?!) in BLUE on a WHITE piece of paper. You got to go up to our voting poster and put your name on the side of the candidate you want to be president.

Barack Obama got 7 votes.
Mitt Romney got 10 votes.

Who won in Miss Becker's class?
Mitt Romney because he had MORE votes. 10 is bigger than 7. 7 is smaller than 10.
We are doing our duty and being responsible citizens.
When we turn 18 and are "REALLY BIG" we get to vote for real! :) 

And for us responsible voters, we got to enjoy a beautiful RED, WHITE, and BLUE "I VOTED!!!" bracelet. :)


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