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Monday, November 5, 2012

Colorful [glue] Art!

Colorful Art!!!!

 The other day in PRESCHOOL, I wanted to do something new. I wanted something a little bit different and definitely WAY fun!!! I thought gluing would be fun since we hadn't really gotten the younger kids (my three year-old classes) as "into" the glue as my fours.

Now, I don't know if you've ever "introduced" kiddos to a bottle of glue before, but it is FUN!!! Way fun. They love squeezing. They love globs. They love messes. They just love it all. Such a big gooey bunch of FUN.

And thanks to Pinterest (duh).... I had come across a few different ways to make this happen in a fun way. I loved all the ideas about how to change glue into a colorful masterpiece.

I took six of our almost emptied bottles of regular, white Elmer's school glue. Then, I had some Colorations Liquid Watercolor Paints!!!((Here))
I put a few drops of the liquid water color (And I wasn't shy about this, either ;)) into the half-empty or so bottles of white glue. I used the stick end of a paintbrush to stir my watercolor into the glue. Then, I refilled the glue bottles and added more watercolor as needed until it was all mixed together and made the pretty, bright, wonderful colors I was trying to achieve.

I made yellow, red, green, blue, and purple.  The kids had so much fun with this. I got out my stack of paper plates for them to do their art on. They had such a wonderful time with it!!! 

Later, my daughter came in to the room and saw it right away. She's in first grade and she had a great time drawing more elaborate pictures with it. I've seen many people use it for other, more structured art projects in their classroom. 

For my three year-olds, though.... without a lot of experience with glue, I would say it was a HIT!!!!

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