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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Portable SANDbox!

No sandbox? No yard? NO PROBLEM!!!!

Here's how we overcome that in our nice, little apartment. We get ourselves a simple clear storage container/tote (Sold/found at your local Wal-Mart, Shopko, Dollar store, Kmart, etc.) *In our house/in my classroom, I always have a nice collection of these in various sizes for activities such as this... and MANY more!)* 

We then got a box of sand. It's so fun! This stuff was SO soft. I've only been to a white sand beach once in my life, but this is what it was like. LOVELY. This is what I had, you can get it at AMAZON. *BUT you can definitely use whatever kind of sand you want. ;)*

We decided to put seashells in our sandbox THIS time. We've used many other objects, too. We've put dinosaurs, shovels, little styrofoam letters/numbers, etc. Be creative! 

Here are some pictures of Miss I playing with her sand. There was a while there where her little baby was playing in the sandbox with her. She loved playing with the seashells and digging for treasure.

In fact, wouldn't that be fun?! She was a pirate for Halloween, I think it'd be neat if we'd get some of her "booty" (necklaces, bracelets, jewels, etc.) to dig for. We could make a pirate sword, a treasure map, and go to TOWN in a sandbox activity. MAYBE next time. ;)

Sifting through the sand! 

*SO SOFT!* She was closing her eyes trying to see how many seashells she could find "WITHOUT looking"!

* Here she was trying to find a perfect seashell to "listen to the ocean" with. :) She's such a ham!! Love it.

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